Want to see the Blue Fire of Ijen Crater? This is the preparation that needs to be done

If you want to visit or enjoy something unusual while on vacation, maybe the blue fire of Ijen Crater can be one of your recommendations.

Ijen Crater is located at an altitude of 2,368 meters above sea level, more precisely at the peak of Mount Ijen. Ijen Crater was formed naturally due to the eruption of the blue fire phenomenon, which can be found in the crater of Mount Ijen which is at the top of the acidic mountain. The depth and breadth of the crater reach 200 meters and 5,466 hectares, respectively.

Want to see the Blue Fire of Ijen Crater

To reach the Ijen Crater area, there are two paths that can be passed. First through Banyuwangi. However, the route through Banyuwangi is more difficult to pass due to poor road conditions and is commonly used by climbers for the Mount Ijen climbing route.

This is the route taken from Banyuwangi, then to the Licin District. Then continue the journey to Jambu and then to Patulding. Then from Patulding, just walk through the path and the caldera cliff as far as 2 kilometers to Ijen Crater. Towards Ijen Crater from Banyuwangi it will take approximately a total distance of 38 kilometers.

The second route is through Bondowoso City. Depart from Bondowoso, then head to Wonosari, and continue to Sempol and finally to Patulding. From Patulding, just walk through the path and the caldera cliff for 2 kilometers to Ijen Crater. The path from Bondowoso is better than Banyuwangi because the road conditions are good and relatively smooth. The distance of the Bondowoso route is 70 kilometers with beautiful views of coffee trees and pine forests.

To chase the blue fire of Ijen Crater, many tourists climb the mountain at night. Because indeed the best time to watch the blue fire attraction at the top of Mount Ijen is in the early morning before dawn, which is between 02.00 WIB – 03.00 WIB. Climbing at night is also done so as not to miss the blue fire, considering the distance from Paltuding Post to Ijen peak is about 3.8 kilometers with a walking time of about 2.5-3 hours.

In the ascent, considering the temperature in the crater area reaches a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, it can even reach a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. And the acidity level of friends is very high and the trekking path is around 45 degrees which can be exhausting, there are several preparations that need to be done, ranging from physical conditions to equipment tips.

Because later will climb the mountain, then the physical is the main thing. Warming up before climbing is highly recommended so as not to get too tired and injured on the trip. Given that the terrain is quite heavy for those who have never climbed a mountain, it is recommended for those who have physical conditions that are not fit not to climb.

Then the next thing to consider is climbing equipment. As befits a cold mountain trail, warm clothing such as thick jackets, gloves, socks, and head coverings are highly recommended. In order to suppress the cold in the body and avoid cold or hypothermia.

Then considering that the track consists of sandy soil and rocks, prepare footwear that matches the contours of the mountains to be comfortable when walking and minimize falls and slips that can cause injury.

Since the hike is at night, don’t forget to bring a flashlight. If you don’t bring it from home, you can rent it by paying IDR 50,000 to traders in the Paltuding Post area who provide flashlight rental services with batteries. Not only flashlights, the use of masks when climbing is also highly recommended considering the smell of sulfur which is dangerous for breathing. If you don’t have a mask, you can also rent it at a price of Rp. 25,000.

In addition to physical conditions and some equipment suggestions, don’t forget to bring energy-boosting food on this hike. Because climbing the mountain is not easy and tiring, energy intake is needed to increase energy on the road.

If before, you have never done a night climb or have never climbed Mount Ijen to see Ijen Crater, you should hire the services of a local guide so you don’t get lost on the hiking trail. To be calm and safe on the trip, remembering the dark atmosphere of the night and being in a state of exhaustion can make you lose focus and get lost. Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Tour services are reliable.