Enjoy All the Luxury Things at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore has every luxury thing that makes all visitors feel like dreaming there. There are endless fun activities around this lavish hotel. Even staying in the hotel is already a dream that comes true that other Singapore hotels are hard to rival.

Lavishness is in every corner of the hotel, from the lobby entrance to the rooftop bar. But, guests will be more satisfied with the entertainment places around the hotel where they can easily access within walking distance.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Its Surroundings

Start from the entrance of the resort where guests will pass through the Gardens by the Bay. Everyone will be amazed at the sky bridge that is known well as Dragonfly Bridge. Even before guests can pass through the bridge, they can have a little adventure by going to a lift that allows them to scroll the incredible bridge.

Don’t think that it takes a few minutes to explore the garden. Anyone doesn’t want to leave it if they have free hours. There are lots of things to explore here, from the Cloud Forest, Biodomes, Supertree Grove, Flower Dome, and other attractions.

Most guests will adore the Cloud Forest that resembles a huge greenhouse that replicates the scarce highlands of tropical climate. Entering the forest won’t make anyone feels like getting lost in a jungle. There is an indoor mountain where they can explore by using the lift.

Kids will love the Cloud Forest where they can learn stalagmites and stalactites or enjoying educational movies with lots of posters around the area about the environmentally friendly jargon. Another place that can be the best source of education is the Flower Dome, where anyone can find even the rarest flowers that they will see for the first time here.

Here, anyone can witness the magnificent flowers and plants that they might have never found anywhere else. Those plants can survive, due to the spraying mist that waters them every other hour. Everyone is always waiting for the spraying process. However, the real deal in the garden is the 30-meter indoor waterfall that has such outstanding scenery.

SuperTree at the Superb Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Believe it or not, any guest wouldn’t want to miss any day without visiting excellent things around this hotel that they cannot find in other Singapore hotels. The Supertree Grove with the OCBC Skywalk is indeed the most outstanding skywalk where everyone adores the bright lights LED with the blue and purple colors that make anyone feels like in a world of fantasy. There is no need to worry about starving after a nice strolling along the bridge as there are lots of snacks on food trucks.

The Shoppes

This is actually the real icon of Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This luxury shopping mall pampers all visitors, even if they only visit for window shopping. There are endless choices of designers fashion brands that make all shopaholics go crazy.

So, don’t waste another minute making a reservation at Marina Bay Sands Singapore as one of the most elegant Singapore hotels. This hotel is worth a penny where everyone doesn’t want to go back home after spending nights here.